Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The past 30 weeks

I guess we're getting a late start on this, but better late than never. We decided it would be a good idea to start a blog to keep family and friends up to date on what's going while we await the birth of our baby. So for the first entry, I decided to bring every one up to date by going back over the past 30 weeks starting with the day we found out I was pregnant. So be prepared, it is lengthy!

January 28, 2006

We're having a baby! I took 2 tests that day and a digital the next morning, all positive. I called the next week and scheduled a doctor's appointment for March 9th, seemed like such a long time to wait to find out if there was really a baby in there.

January 31, 2006

Here I am at 4 weeks.

February 10, 2006

My parents came over to our house tonight to go eat for my mom's birthday and we decided this would be a good time to tell them the news. Before we went to dinner we gave my mom her birthday presents. I had wrapped up a picture frame and in the the frame it said "Picture Coming Soon October 2006". Everyone was really excited. Later when we got back from dinner we called Jeremy's parents to come over and I gave them the same frame. Everyone's reaction was priceless.

Here is the frame we gave our parents.

February 22, 2006

Well morning sickness turned out to be a real problem for me. I got to the point where I couldn't keep anything down. I was scheduled to leave on Sunday for a 11 day work trip, and I was really worried about flying and how it would affect my morning sickness. So I called my OB's office to see if they could see me or prescribe me something to help, they told me to come on in. I thought they would just write me up a prescription, but they did a full prenatal visit, including an ultrasound, which I was not expecting therefore Jeremy didn't come with me. I was really disappointed that he didn't get to see the baby for the first time, but nonetheless it was finally reassuring to know there was a baby in there and it had a strong heartbeat. I was measuring 7 weeks 1 day and was given my due date of October 10th, which is also my brother Matt's birthday!

Dr. Callison wrote me up a few prescriptions and told me it would be fine to travel(which I really needed to hear).

Here is the first ultrasound picture.

March 22, 2006

Today we had our 2nd appointment. We got a nice surprise--another ultrasound! Dr. Callison thought it would be easier to see the heartbeat than try to find it with a doppler. The baby was measuring 11 weeks 6 days and it's heart rate was 155 bpm. It was very active, curling into a ball and then kicking it's legs out. It was funny to see it moving so much and not being able feel a thing.

March 28-May 9, 2006

Not much has happened over the last month. My morning sickness has gotten much better and I have been able to quit taking the Zofran. I officially entered the 2nd trimester on April 11th, and I have heard this is the best time during pregnancy, where you finally get your energy back. And I have to admit I have felt better during the past few weeks.

18 weeks

May 17, 2006

Today is the BIG ultrasound and hopefully we get to find out if it's a boy or a girl. We invited my mom, Jeremy's mom, and Alison, our sister-in-law, to be there with us when we found out and also give them a chance to see the baby. And..............

It's a GIRL!

Our little girl's name is Sara Belle. She is named after both of our maternal grandmothers.

And here is Sara's first gift from her Aunt Alison.

Jeremy sent me a dozen pink roses to work later that afternoon!!

May 23- June 20, 2006

Halfway there!!(and more) Not much to report on the past month. Everything has been going really well, I have felt good and have been keeping up my walking routine. The second trimester is flying by!!! Here are a couple shots of my growing belly.

20 weeks

23 weeks 5 days

June 30-July 5, 2006

Finally a vacation! We headed to the beach with my family for the 4th of July weekend. We had a great time and ate lots of good food. This is more than likely our last vacation before the baby gets here so we were trying to soak it in, but all I could think about while we were there was how much fun it is going to be next year when we get to bring our baby to the beach for the first time!

Here are some pictures from our trip.

Alex throwing football with Jeremy.

Working on their sand castle.

26 weeks

July 17-18, 2006

We finally decided we needed to start getting the nursery ready. We picked out paint and Jeremy and his Pappaw got to work on it. The first coat didn't look exactly like I thought it would, so for the second coat we went and got a shade lighter and I like it much better now!

Here are some pictures of the painted nursery(which we hope to add a chair rail to) and the crib bedding.

28 weeks

Macy is ready to meet her little sister!


Merideth said...

You are a slacker. Get to work sister! I NEED to know more! The first post was a teaser.

Lisa said...

You look so beautiful. what a glow you have. I can't wait to see you at the baby shower for Sara Belle. I miss you and love ya.

Tabetha Daugherty said...

Hi It's me Tabetha in North Carolina. Marianna sent me your blog. You look great. Have you been in contat with Kevin. Their baby is due Sept 29 and did you hear that Lauren is now expecting. She is due March 24th. Do you have her e-mail address. You need to add to you blog. Iwant to see ehat the nursery looks like now

Anonymous said...

just a gril im 25 and 30 weeks with my baby emily tayla im so happy and it was great to see your baby bubp hope all went well next year i will have my first baby christmas. bless you.