Friday, August 11, 2006

Pop Tarts Presents......

So Wednesday morning Jeremy and I were on our way to work (we carpool to help save the environment from air pollution…ok, we really do it because gas prices are insanely ridiculous, the saving of the environment is just a bonus!) and we were listening to Rick and Bubba. They were giving their review of the American Idol Live Tour that was held the night before in Birmingham and after listening to them for five minutes I told Jeremy that I wish we would have known about it because I would have liked to see it (we were faithful American Idol watchers this season), and he offers up some information that I am sure he immediately regretted—“Well, they are going to be in Nashville tomorrow night.”

So at that moment I decide we are going to go and I would find us tickets as soon as I got to work. Well after a morning of unscheduled meetings and lunch, I finally get a chance to check Ticketmaster for tickets. I pulled up four (knowing we would ask Jeremy’s brother & sister-in-law, Justin & Alison, as they were Idol watchers too) lower level tickets right beside the stage. I email everyone with the ticket and concert information, and everybody is in. So I buy the tickets and we decide to leave Huntsville at 4:30 p.m. for the 7:00 p.m. show.

It’s Thursday, 4:30 p.m. and we are on our way. We decide to stop at the Sonic that is near our house so we can take the route that we think is quickest, because we wouldn’t pass any food places on our way. Well to make a long story short, the route was a bad choice on our part, we past two wrecks and one non-working traffic light. We didn’t get to the interstate till 6:00 p.m. and had 82 miles to go.

We finally get parked and to the concert around 7:45 or so, due to some heavy rain and confusion in the directions (we later find out we missed Mandisa, Ace, and Lisa). As we are walking in Paris and Lisa were finishing up a duet. And then we get to hear Paris’s full set. She did Midnight Train to Georgia (which is my absolute favorite one she did all season on Idol) and Beyonce’s Crazy in Love, and the girl can dance! Next was Bucky, I thought he was better live than on the show. On the last song of his set, Kellie Pickler joined him on You’re the One That I Want from Grease, and it was entertaining. Then it was Pickler’s turn, she sang Melissa Etheridge’s I’m the Only One and a medley of Pasty Cline’s Walking After Midnight and Bonnie Rait’s Something to Talk About. And that led us in to a 30 minute or so intermission.

Opening the second half was Chris Daughtry! He was excellent, definitely lives up to the hype. I didn’t know the first song he sang, but next he did Wanted Dead or Alive in which he played guitar, and then he and Elliot Yamin dueted on Savin’Me, which was probably my favorite performance of the night. Went to the bathroom during Elliot’s performance so don’t have much to say about that. Katharine was next; she did two songs, Black Horse and the Cherry Tree and Somewhere Over the Rainbow. She is good, really good.

Next all the guys came out and did Patience. I loved it and this is why I said the Elliot and Chris duet was probably my favorite, because this one runs a close second! Then Taylor comes out and does what Taylor does. He is very entertaining and fun to watch, and even though I didn’t really like any of the songs he did, he did them very well. His encore was Takin’ it to the Streets and he did his Taylor moves, which is what I was waiting to see and he did not disappoint!

To end the show, everyone but Taylor came out and sang We are the Champions, I didn’t get all excited for that one, but it was good, and Taylor came out and they all did Living in America. All in all it was an entertaining show and I am really glad I got to see it, because some of these kids are going to be really successful in the future.

We got home a little after midnight, which wasn’t too bad. I took pictures, but I don’t think any of them are any good, so I am going to try to get copies from Alison and I will post them when I get a chance.

And not to make this post any longer, but to give an update on baby stuff, we finally bought a dresser for the nursery and rocker/recliner for our bedroom. So I am hoping those along with the crib we ordered over four weeks ago will be in by the end of the month and we can get the nursery finished. Also Jeremy and I visited daycares this week and decided we are going to use La Petite Academy. It is near both of our offices and right on our way to work (so we can still carpool, got to help save the environment, right?). And they have an open door policy, where I can visit her anytime I want.

We start childbirth classes next Tuesday, so maybe I will have some interesting tales from that next week!