Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prepared Childbirth 101

Our first childbirth class was last night, and it was actually not too bad. We have a pretty large class and fabulous instructor, who also just happens to be a girl that Jeremy went to middle & high school with, so that was a really nice surprise. And if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think the class would have been near as fun as it was.

The class started with getting to know everybody. She started off by saying how she knows in every couple there is the talker and the non-talker, and she wanted the talker to introduce their selves, give their due date, tell if it was a boy or girl (if they knew), the baby’s name (if they knew, which many didn’t), and the name of your doctor. Now we all know without a doubt who the talker in our relationship is, but some how I wound up doing our introduction, and I am happy to say I made it through, no problem! :)

After all the introductions, we find out that we are furtherest along than any of the other couples, except for one, who is due 3 days before us. So I guess we are kind of getting a late start, but at least it will be fresh in our minds when the time comes.

I’m not going to go in to detail of the entire class, but let me just it say it was very informative for me, which surprised me because I have been doing so much reading online and in books, that I thought I pretty much had it down.

For the last half hour, we practiced relaxation techniques. We got down on our mats; she dimmed the lights, and put on some music (with a little Barry White mixed in :) We practiced ways to relieve tension in the back and shoulders. It was very relaxing, or so I heard. Did I forget to mention that the dads got to do all the relaxing? Yep, it was really messed up, a room full of 15 pregnant women rubbing and massaging their husbands necks, shoulders, and backs. And as if Jeremy doesn’t get enough of that at home already! But that’s ok; it will be all about the moms next week.