Friday, September 22, 2006

7 lb 10 ounces

That is what the ultrasound we had Wednesday estimates her weight to be right now. But ultrasounds are not always accurate, so she could be a pound smaller or a pound bigger, and I am thinking (and hoping) for the smaller. Oh and yes she is still a girl! Since it has been almost 20 weeks since our last ultrasound, I was still a little nervous that they might have gotten it wrong the first time. But all is good and I will not be having to make any returns!

The ultrasound was so nice, I really enjoyed seeing her again and seeing how big she has gotten. The tech took measurements of her head, heart, arms and legs, and averaged those to get her estimated weight. Next Wednesday is my 38 week appointment and she will check to see if I have progress any and see where we want to go from there.

So for the next couple of weeks we are still playing the waiting game. I hope they go by quick but I am guessing they won’t. And I know I promised updated nursery pictures and I should get around to posting them this weekend, as I plan to be at home all weekend!

I was too lazy to post last week, so I didn’t get to give you my picks for the upcoming football weekend, so here are this weekend’s picks:

Alabama @ Arkansas
2 Auburn vs. Buffalo
Kentucky @ 5 Florida
9 Georgia vs. Colorado
10 LSU vs. Tulane
15 Tennessee vs. Marshall
South Carolina vs. Florida Atlantic
Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee State
Mississippi State @ UAB
Ole Miss vs. Wake Forest

The only really big match up this weekend is Alabama and Arkansas, which will be the first real game for Alabama this season. And the only SEC I am picking against(other than the ones playing other SEC teams) is Miss State, pretty much b/c they haven't won a game all year...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You can come out now...

Well I am 37 weeks today and I am considered to be full term. This kid now has my full permission to exit (even though she really had it a couple of weeks ago). Many of you might want to just skip over this post, because it is going to consist of me mostly complaining and telling you how much I was this baby out of me. This so much more worse than waiting for my wedding day, at least I knew the exact day and time that it was going to happen, this is literally a waiting game, a very cruel one.

This is a game where there is no such thing as sleep. I can’t even sleep when I am tired and there is no possible way to get comfortable with a 6 lb baby all wadded up in your belly. And even if I could get comfortable and fall asleep it wouldn’t matter, because about that time you reach the best sleep you have ever had you have to get up to pee. And then spend another hour or so trying to get comfortable again, only to have to pee again. This process generally repeats itself at least 3 times a night.

Ever wondered why pregnant women seem to waddle or have trouble crossing their legs? I did and now I know why. Because they have this little baby’s head pushing down on everything down there and everything is softening up for this little baby’s head to come out of an opening that is way too little for it and it causes this incredible pain, that feels like somebody is stabbing you everytime you walk, try to cross your legs, or just move your legs. This is one thing that nobody ever told me would happen when I got pregnant. I feel like I have been hit in the crotch with a baseball bat. Why have I never heard of this before, why do you not ever hear anybody complain about this??

Ok so that is all the major things I have to complain about, everything else is pretty minor compared to those.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 8:00 am and we are getting an ultrasound to check size. So maybe I will have some progress to report then. Other than that, the nursery is almost finished and I will post some pictures soon. And tonight is our last childbirth class. I remember when I registered for these and couldn’t believe I would be 37 weeks at the last class, but here it is.

And finally I would love to hear any suggestions on how to get this baby out. Please feel free to leave those in the comments section.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I know this has been a short week for everyone, since most people had Monday off work for Labor Day, but it has taken forever for Friday to get here and it’s the start of another busy weekend for us. I guess that’s what we get for having a baby during football season—football season in Alabama.

Here is a preview of our upcoming weekend (and some highlights from last weekend):

After work we will make the drive to Crossville to watch my youngest brother play, this will be the first time we have seen him play this year, b/c some genius scheduled their first game (last week) on a Saturday at the same time as Alabama’s opener. I am really excited to see him play tonight, this is the first year he has started and he is supposedly one of the biggest guys on the team, he really grew up a lot this summer!

Tomorrow morning we will be getting up at some ungodly hour and head down to Tuscaloosa for Alabama’s SEC opener against Vandy. I have listed the games and my picks (with some input from Jeremy) for all of the SEC Teams for this week:

SEC Games for Week 2
(picks in bold)

Vanderbilt @ Alabama
Arkansas vs. Utah State
4 Auburn @ Mississippi State
8 LSU vs. Arizona State
11 Tennessee vs. Air Force
7 Florida vs. Central Florida
Ole Miss vs. Missouri
Kentucky vs. Texas State
12 Georgia @ South Carolina

Looks like the SEC should have no problem this week, with the exception of Vandy, Miss St., and South Carolina, who play other SEC teams.

We will be coming back to Huntsville after the game Saturday and going back to Crossville on Sunday for our baby shower. I am really looking forward to shower and hoping that most of friends from high school will get to be there, I haven’t seen some of them in forever, and also my cousin Heather will be bringing her new baby boy, Luke, who will be almost 2 weeks old.

Sunday evening after we get home, we will start putting together the crib! I am so excited, now I can finally get the nursery put together and organized (and post pictures!).

And as promised here are some highlights from last weekend. We went to Alabama’s opener vs. Hawaii, it was the first game played in the newly renovated Bryant-Denny Stadium. Picture credits go to Alison and Jeremy (I was to lazy to pick up the camera).

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's a Baby Shower!

I know I am slackin' on updates, but it's been a busy couple of weeks. Here are some pictures from my baby shower on August 27th. It was perfect!