Tuesday, September 19, 2006

You can come out now...

Well I am 37 weeks today and I am considered to be full term. This kid now has my full permission to exit (even though she really had it a couple of weeks ago). Many of you might want to just skip over this post, because it is going to consist of me mostly complaining and telling you how much I was this baby out of me. This so much more worse than waiting for my wedding day, at least I knew the exact day and time that it was going to happen, this is literally a waiting game, a very cruel one.

This is a game where there is no such thing as sleep. I can’t even sleep when I am tired and there is no possible way to get comfortable with a 6 lb baby all wadded up in your belly. And even if I could get comfortable and fall asleep it wouldn’t matter, because about that time you reach the best sleep you have ever had you have to get up to pee. And then spend another hour or so trying to get comfortable again, only to have to pee again. This process generally repeats itself at least 3 times a night.

Ever wondered why pregnant women seem to waddle or have trouble crossing their legs? I did and now I know why. Because they have this little baby’s head pushing down on everything down there and everything is softening up for this little baby’s head to come out of an opening that is way too little for it and it causes this incredible pain, that feels like somebody is stabbing you everytime you walk, try to cross your legs, or just move your legs. This is one thing that nobody ever told me would happen when I got pregnant. I feel like I have been hit in the crotch with a baseball bat. Why have I never heard of this before, why do you not ever hear anybody complain about this??

Ok so that is all the major things I have to complain about, everything else is pretty minor compared to those.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 8:00 am and we are getting an ultrasound to check size. So maybe I will have some progress to report then. Other than that, the nursery is almost finished and I will post some pictures soon. And tonight is our last childbirth class. I remember when I registered for these and couldn’t believe I would be 37 weeks at the last class, but here it is.

And finally I would love to hear any suggestions on how to get this baby out. Please feel free to leave those in the comments section.