Monday, April 02, 2007

It's been too long

I know, I know, I must get better at updating this blog. Sometimes I am just at a loss as what to write about, so I'll just recap our weekend for starters.

Not much going on, after work I picked Sara up from daycare and we went to the grocery store. Jeremy came home and we went and picked up a pizza at Little Ceasar's, came home, ate, gave Sara a bath, and put her to bed. I made a cake and Jeremy cleaned his golf clubs. And we went to get and bed and watch an episode of House, which btw is my new favorite show! And then to sleep.

Sara got up at 7:00 am(Jeremy had already gone to work, he got up at 5:00 am), and therefore I was up at 7:00am. Amanda, an old co-worker of mine from Birmingham, and her mom came to visit. They left around 2:00 pm and I had to get busy making coconut shrimp for a Going Away Party for our neighbors, Scott & Laura, at 5:30 pm. My mom came and got Sara around 2:30 to spend the night(and Macy too!). We went to the party, it was great! We kept it a rather early night, and went home a little before 11:00 pm, b/c we were both exhausted.

I slept in! Got up about 9:00 am(Jeremy had gotten up earlier and headed out to play golf), had cake for breakfast, and watched The Holiday. It was a such a good movie. Alison let me borrow it, and I think I might have to go purchase it now! Later that afternoon, I went to the Spring Market with Alison, Kathi, Jessica, and Kathi's friend Amy. There were lots of booths, but I didn't find any really good deals, so I didn't buy very much. By the time I got home from the market, Jeremy and Sara were home, and we just hung out at the house the rest of the night.

Hopefully my next blog will be more interesting! I will leave you will a few pictures of Sara at 5 months old. She will be 6 months old on Wednesday, so I will have some new ones then.