Monday, May 07, 2007

# 7

Sara turned a whopping 7 months old this past Friday. Wow it is all going by so fast!!! I remember thinking back when she was just a few weeks old, how I couldn't wait for her to be this age, and man am I so glad she is. Don't get me wrong, I loved my little newborn Sara, but I am really loving the being-able-to-hold-my-head-up-and-sit-up-on-my-own Sara. I love it that she is becoming her own little person, who just sits and laughs at herself. She is learning to vocalize more, and I could just sit and listen to jabber all day. I guess that's why I find it hard to get anything done around the house when I get home from work, b/c all I want to do is just sit with her in her room and watch her play and laugh.

She is just absorbing everything that is around her. Yesterday, my dad had her outside showing her the birds. He would point up to the sky at a bird and ask her if she sees the birds. So when we got home yesterday we took her for a walk and we starting pointing to the birds, and when we would ask her if she sees the birds, she would lift her hand up towards the sky! She's definitely going to be smart like her mom! ;)

In other news, we are finally getting around to finishing the bonus room above our garage. I guess this is the project we are taking on this year, since it seems like ever since we've been married we have had something going on, from moving to building a house to having a baby. Jeremy worked multiple nights(with his Pappaw and my dad) last week and on Saturday, and got the attic flooring down and all of the insulation put up. So once the sheetrock goes up, it will definitely start looking like a room. I am still not sure what we are going to use it for yet. Maybe another den/playroom? But I think Sara might have a hard time with the stairs!