Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Life in Pictures

I stole this from some other blogs that I read. Basically all you do is put your answer to the question in Google Images and use the first picture that comes up. I used the first picture on most of them, but not all. It's kind of interesting!

Where I was born...Gadsden, AL.

Where I call home...Crossville, AL.

Where I live now...Huntsville, AL.

My Name...Kyllie Carter. Um, yeah I knew this would be an interesting one! Hola!! Me llamo Kyllie Carter.

Where I work...Colsa Corporation.

Where I'd like to visit...St. Lucia. day.... :)

Favorite Food...Chicken.

Favorite Drink...Sweet Tea. I wish I had a glass right now!

Favorite Smell...A clean baby. Not Sara, but still a cute baby! (and a clean one!)

Where I've lived...Tuscaloosa, AL. This is Garland Hall on the UA Campus, it is home of the Art Dept. I never had a class there.

Now wasn't that fun!?! Like I said, I used the first picture that came up on most of them, on the ones that I didn't, they didn't have a very interesting first picture, or it was a picture similar to one that I already had, so I used the second and third choice on some of them, just to make it a little more interesting!