Friday, June 01, 2007

Better Late than Never

We were super busy last weekend, and I have the pictures to prove it! First up, Friday night, May 25th, Matthew's graduation. It didn't start until 7:30 pm, so we knew we were in for a long night, since they were graduating 450+ kids. Way too late for Sara to be out, so my dad was nice enough to come over and keep her, or basically just sit at our house while she slept! And since I once again forgot my camera, Alison was nice enough to let me get the pictures that she took(this will be a recurring theme throughout this post :)

The dashing graduate.

He did it! ;)

The next day, Saturday, May 26th, we went to the lake. It was Sara's first time ever to go to the lake, to wear her bathing suit, and to go out on the boat. She did really well and seemed to have a good time. Again thanks to Alison for all the pictures, as I again forgot my camera!

Sara in her itsy bitsy bikini.

Sara's first time on a boat! She didn't like her life jacket too much, but she loved riding on the boat!

Family Portriat.

Saturday night, my mom kept Sara, and Jeremy and I got to go to a movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. I thought it was really good, other than it was sooo long! I can't get enough of these movies, Captain Jack Sparrow is hilarious! Although the ending to this one was sad, and not knowing if they will ever make another one to follow-up, makes it even sadder!

Sunday, May 27th, we went to decoration at the church I grew up in, Concord Baptist. We got there around 10 am and visited with family, and then we went to my Aunt Patsy's to eat lunch. My cousin Heather and her little boy, Luke, were there. Luke is about 6 weeks older than Sara. We put them in a baby pool, Sara's first time swimming, and they had a blast, although Sara seemed more interested on what was outside the pool than inside. Luke loved it, he would be laying on his stomach and stick his face down in the water, come up choking, laugh, and stick it right back down! It was really cute to see them play together! And no pictures, I forgot my camera!!!! :(

Monday, May 28th, Memorial Day, we went out to the lake again. Since Jeremy's mom was there, she took care of Sara most of the day, so we got to play with the big kids! We went out tubing, which I haven't done in two years! Omg! It was so much fun! I rode with Alison, and Elizabeth, a friend of Jeremy's cousin Jason. I will say it was a rough ride, but we all survived it--almost!! I fell off. We had been on it for over 30 minutes, and we got slung out to my side and I just couldn't hold it. So I skidded for a bit and finally went under. It didn't hurt at all and the water felt great! The next day however, or should I say later that night, I was feeling it, BIG TIME! I can't ever remember being that sore, and now four days later, it is finally wearing off! And guess what? I remembered my camera! There are none of us tubing, but a couple of Sara.

Sara loves her Peeps!

Luckily we should have a relatively calm weekend this weekend, and then, a week from tomorrow we leave for the BEACH! I can't wait! We are going with my dad's family, so it should be a good time, and a new experience for us, having both Luke and Sara this time. I am hoping there will be some dads and grandads willing to hang out with them in the room, while the moms get some sun!