Monday, August 06, 2007

The BIG 10

Happy 10 months Sara!

Little Miss Sara turned 10 months old this weekend. At her 9 month checkup she was 29 1/4 inches and almost 20 lbs. She is right on track for babies her age! She is doing really well, and has been ear infection free since she got her tubes. We took her in a couple weeks ago for her follow-up and he said her ears looked great! Over the past month Sara has been getting closer and closer to walking. She loves to stand up, and she actually has really good balance, enough that she will occasionally let go of whatever she is holding on to. It should be much longer before we'll have a walker on our hands! Sara has also become a lot more vocal, and she is discovering new sounds everyday. Her newest sound is "DubbaDubbaDubba" and she can clearly say "Hi" and "Bye Bye" and she knows exactly what they mean, and to wave anytime they are said. I have also started trying to feed her more table foods, she loves gravy and biscuit, macaroni, and she is now eating "real" applesauce!

Here are a couple more pics from the past month:

Welcome Home Daddy!!

Our little "Pebbles"