Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Premiere WEEK!

Finally after 3 1/2 months of nothing but reruns, it's Premiere WEEK! Can you tell I'm excited!?!?! Here are some shows whose return I am looking forward too:

How I Met Your Mother
Marshall and Lily are married, Ted and Robin broke up, and Barney, well is just Barney. I have heard rumors that this season we will meet the "mother", but whether or not we'll know it's her, I don't know? And I have also heard Barney will be in a relationship, so of course that will be nothing less than Legend.....Wait for it.....

Two and Half Men
Jeremy and I have picked up this show in the past few weeks, and I think we have decided to put it on our weekly viewing schedule. The kid in this show has the best lines!

Dancing with the Stars
This one applies to me only! I watched the first season and didn't watch again until this past season, and I really liked it. So I plan to watch the premiere, and see how many of this year's dancers I like. Last season's dancers were so entertaining, that's what definitely kept me hooked!

We started watching this back in March, and I'm not sure how? My dad has always raved about this show, so I think b/c there is nothing standing we watch on Tuesday nights I just decided to watch it, maybe? Anyways, once we watched a couple of episodes, I couldn't take anymore and ordered the first two seasons, and we caught what we missed of season 3 this summer. House fired (or they resigned) all his employees at the end of last season, so this season I think he starts out with 30 something new employees that he is going to narrow down to 3. I can't wait to see his process...

Private Practice
The Grey's Anatomy Spin-off. I hope this turns out to be a good show, I really liked Addison when she was on Grey's. And it has a great cast, with very well known actors, so it looks promising! I mean really, who gets tired of looking at Taye Diggs?

Grey's Anatomy
I hope this season is a little lighter than last, that season finale was just depressing! I hope the George/Izzie story goes away and is never heard from again, that was just wrong from the very beginning! And I'm sure this will be another are they together or not with Meredith and McDreamy, and adding Meredith's sister to the mix will make it very interesting.

Ugly Betty
My favorite returning show this season(House is a very very close second), even though I hated the way last season ended(car crash, Santos getting shot, Henry leaving with Charlie :( )! I have watched all the reruns this summer, just b/c I love it so much, and every character on the show cracks me up! America Ferrera was very deserving of her Emmy. This show just delights me every time I watch it!

Other mentionables:

Desperate Housewives

This show kind of lost me in the second season, but pulled me back in last season, I am looking forward to seeing what goes on this season, and I hear they are introducing a new face to Wisteria Lane, and that didn't seem to go well in the past, i.e the Applewhites, so let's hope it goes better this time!

This is another one of my "I can't wait for" premieres, but the sad part is, there is no premiere this week. :( We'll have to wait until 2008, but they are making up for it by giving us a new episode every week all the way to the finale!

Wow, I really watch too much TV.