Wednesday, October 17, 2007


That pretty much sums up what's been going on with us lately. Last weekend it was really nice not having to run around for a change, and it even felt somewhat weird. But we will make up for it this weekend! And I am looking forward to it! Friday night is my baby brother's last Homecoming :( So we'll be going to that and hoping for a win for him and his team(they've had a bit of a rough season.) And on Saturday(The Third Saturday in October) we'll be going to T-Town for the UA/TENN game! Even though it seems as though the rivialry is not as huge as it used to be, i.e, 11:30 game on Lincoln Financial, I am still really excited about going! To me this is still one of the greatest rivialries in the country and anytime I can go to this game I will. I don't think I missed a Tennessee games since Jeremy and I have been dating, so I have taken full advantage of being able to go! The SEC has been so flipped-flopped this season that there is not one game that you can predict with 100% certainty, you could pretty much so that for all the conferences this year. So cross your fingers for a Bama Win!


Alison said...

Zero plans last weekend?? Ouch!

kyllie said...

Sorry, that was not what I was meaning to say, I was thinking about how we didn't have to drive anywhere, which normally is what we spend a good part of our weekends doing. I should have phrased that better. We had a really great time Saturday night!