Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Blast from the Past

We really don't lead a very exciting lives, so I am usually lacking in things to post about, but to keep good on my challenge to post every day for the remainder of November, there will be many posts (I'm sure) of stuff from the past that I never posted on here. I took a LONG hiatus from posting when Sara was born, so lots of posts this month will be reminiscing about her first few months.

I thought about starting with birth pictures, but I wrote by birth story back in April, so I am going to go back and edit that post and add some more pictures from her birth day. So this first batch of pictures will be her first few days/weeks after birth.

Sara's first bath at home, it was a sponge bath because her umbilical cord hadn't fallen off yet.
Granddaddy Junior's first time holding Sara.
Uncle Matt holding Sara. This was also Sara's first outing, other than to her doctor, it was Matt's 25th birthday!
The quality of this picture is not all that great, but this is where Sara spent the majority of her first few days, sleeping in a beautiful bassinet that our neighbors let us borrow.

OK, that's a start! There is still a lot of days left in November!