Monday, November 19, 2007


The Tide lost this weekend, again, the third loss in a row, to......Louisiana-Monroe. :( A season that looked so promising has drastically gone down hill. We started out winning our opening game, a come-back last minute touchdown to beat Arkansas, back to back losses to Georgia and Florida State (games that could have gone either way) and a huge, convincing win over Tennessee. Then came LSU, our guys played hard, had a lot of mistakes, the fact that we weren't supposed to win, or even come close to playing with their far superior players, made this loss, at least to me, a little easier to handle. And I must admit it was one of the best times I've had a at game that we lost, the energy and excitement in the stadium were great!

But that is where this season started it's demise, with a loss to Mississippi State, for the second year in a row, the next weekend, and then the loss to ULM. The only chance at redemption would be a win over Auburn this weekend on the Plains. Auburn's the favorite, and most think it's likely that they'll extend their 5 year winning streak to 6, but every year it's always the same, throw out the stats and the records, because this game is anybody's.

This season has been a disappointment, everyone had high expectations for Saban's first year, but at least us Bama fans know, this is probably as bad as it's going to be for us for a while :)