Friday, November 09, 2007

Mountain Bound

Only a few more hours and we'll be on our way to the Smokies! I am mentally ready to go, but not quite prepared to go, yet. I still haven't packed one thing! I am such a procrastinator. Instead of packing when I got home from the party last night, I sat on the couch and watched Grey's Anatomy and after it was over, Jeremy went to bed, but I sat up even longer to fold some clothes and watch The Office. I was very tempted to start watching Ugly Betty too, but decided that 10:35 was late enough and I went to bed. So I have some work to do when I get home, but we're only going to be gone 3 days, so it's not all that much to pack.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to post some pictures from Gatlinburg, we're supposed to have Internet, but you never know how that will go. And I still have to load my camera software on our laptop too. So here are some more Sara pictures until next time:

First bath in the her tub.
Sara and Mom
Getting ready for another bath.