Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Time is Changing

Is anybody else having trouble with the time change? I fall asleep in the middle of the evening and then find myself wide awake at 10:00 pm, and then of course I am waking up wide-eyed at 4:30 am. I know it's only been a couple of days, but you would think sleeping through to an extra hour would be no problem, I guess my internal clock is stronger than I thought! One good thing, Sara seems to be having no problem adjusting, it was a little hard to keep her up an extra hour that first night, but she's been sleeping the extra hour in the morning, so we haven't gotten thrown out of our morning routine, yet!

On to more randomness...Sunday was Sara's 13 month birthday. I completely forgot to take a 13 month picture, but I think my original plan was to take monthly pictures up to one year, so I at least accomplished that. And to get her to take a picture with a sign is a very difficult task now. But I wanted to document some things here on the blog, so I won't forget them. I have been horrible about writing in her baby book, so a lot of her milestones have been written on here.

So at 13 months:

Words/Phrases Sara can say: Dada, Momma, Nana, Bye-Bye, Hey, "What's that?", "Whose that?", and even though her vocabulary is very small, she understand A LOT of what we ask her and tell her to do, and knows the name of several things. She's not a big fan of repeating something you tell her(even though lately she has been doing it more), but then she'll all of sudden start saying it.

She can point to your eyes and toes.

Her favorite food is cheese ravioli.

She is drinking whole mile and only from a sippy cup.

She loves to go outside! It's going to be hard to keep her in when the weather gets really cold!

She loves our dog, Macy. She will lay her head on her, and rub her, while she is sucking her thumb.

She loves to dance. Anytime she hears music, she'll start dancing, regardless of what she is doing.

She loves to read/look at books. She has always liked doing this, but lately she has really gotten into them.

That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'm sure there are more.

And one last thing, by reading some of the random blogs I read, I have found out that this month is National Blog Posting Month, otherwise known as NaBloPoMo. The goal is to post everyday in the month of November. And even though I have missed several days already, I am still going to try to post everyday from this point. Yeah, this should be good! I'll face my first posting challenge this weekend, when we'll be in Gatlinburg with my parents. We're suppose to have Internet access, but who knows...