Friday, November 30, 2007

Turkey Day Recap (Finally!)

Our Thanksgiving started off Wednesday night at Jeremy's Nanny and Pappaw's house. We had a great supper and got see all of his family, most of whom we haven't seen since Sara's birthday party. On this side of Jeremy's family, it's somewhat tradition for everyone to hang around after we eat and listen to some music. Jeremy's Pappaw taught him and Justin to play the fiddle around the age of 2, so they have been playing with their Pappaw for a while.

The Band:

Jeremy on Guitar

Justin on Bass

Pappaw on Fiddle

Rob on Guitar

Jeremy's sister, cousin, and all of his aunts sing, but I only caught Jeremy's mom and younger brother, Matthew, at the mike

Sara wanted to get in on the music too, so Uncle Justin taught her the bass.

When she got tired of making the music, she decided she needed to dance, so she pulled her cousin Evan off the couch to be her dance partner.

On Thursday, we got up and went to Jeremy's Mammaw's to visit, but couldn't stay very long, since we had to drive to Crossville for lunch with my dad's family. We had lunch at my Aunt Patsy's, with most of my aunts and uncles, and Sara got to play with her cousin Luke again.

Sara and Uncle Matt having a good time!

Sara looking cute with a pouty face

Luke just hanging out

Luke and Sara deciding it is time for a nap

Cute picture of Jeremy and Sara, and my aunt's dog, Gyppy.

And finally a family picture with my parents and brothers, the last one we took was at Christmas last year.

That about sums up our Thanksgiving! We spent the rest of the weekend decorating for Christmas and just hanging out at home, very nice! Also one new thing we started was The Little Gym. The one in Huntsville just opened up a couple of weeks ago, so we took Sara last Saturday to try it out, and she really liked it, so we signed for the rest of this semester. I may try to take my camera tomorrow and get some pics!


Tiffany said...

Sara looks adorable in her leopard print outfit!