Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Under the Sea

While we were in Gatlinburg, we visited Ripley's Aquarium. I think us adults enjoyed it more than the kids did! Below are some pictures of Sara at the aquarium. She was a little timid at first and wasn't sure what to think of the fish, I think they scared her initially but she finally warmed to the all.

Sara all bundled up outside the aquarium

Granddaddy showing Sara the fish

Sara's not afraid of those jellyfish!

Jeremy, Sara, Randy, and Luke checking out the tropical fish tank

Me and Sara trying to pet the stingrays (yeah right!)

Hahaha, this pic cracks me up, this was our first attempt at a family pic

And here is the only somewhat successful one!

This is a favorite of mine: Sara and her cousin, Luke


Anonymous said...

Love the pics... that was a cute pictures of you three...those that don't alway turn out are sometimes the best ones.... ha...