Monday, December 17, 2007

Bad Blogger

I was a really bad blogger last week, so here are my excuses: I was busier than normal at work(which isn't saying much I know), I had LOTS of Christmas shopping to do(and I'm still not finished) and had plans 3 nights of the week, so I was really only home one night with nothing to do, and I chose to spend it other ways than blogging. I have lots of cute pictures of Sara to post, so hopefully I'll have those tomorrow, if I get the downloaded off my camera tonight.

This past weekend was just as busy as the week! Friday night we went to one of neighbor's house for an open house and got to hang out with all of our other neighbors and had some great food and great conversation. Sara was pretty well-behaved, except for her constantly trying to go up and down the stairs! Thank goodness she hasn't discovered the stairs in our house yet, even though I know it's only a matter of time.

Saturday night Jeremy, me, Alison, and Justin went to the Little Big Town/Sugarland concert. The tickets were Jeremy and Justin's birthday presents, so I really hope they enjoyed it! We had great seats on the floor so that made it all the more fun! I was really impressed with all the bands, as I wasn't sure if I would know many of the songs they sang, but I knew a lot more than I thought I did.

Sunday morning we had to take Sara back to the doctor. We had taken her Friday after work b/c she had a pretty bad cough and we really wheezy, and RSV has been going around at her daycare, and we did not want to have to through that again like we did last year! But good news, she was negative for RSV, but had a viral infection, so her doctor sent us home with breathing treatments to do. So Sunday morning we had to bring in for a re-check and all was good, he said she sounds tons better than she did on Friday. We also went to Rob's(Megan's boyfriend) graduation later on Sunday, so I want to say a BIG congratulations to him!!

And I really hate to post without a picture, so here's a pic from Christmas last year of Sara, I think this is the one that was on our Christmas cards! Quite different from this year's(which I hopefully post soon!)


Anonymous said...

Time goes by so fast..nice touch...