Thursday, February 28, 2008

Alma Mater

***Update*** The Crossville Lady Lions are the 2008 3A Girls Basketball State Champs!!! Yay!!! My mom and I watched most of the game on the online, and it was a close one down to the very end, they beat Geneva, 55-52. Congrats girls!!!!!

Tonight, for the first time in school history, my alma mater, Crossville, will play in the girls 3A State Championship finals! Yay! I am so thrilled for them! I will admit I haven't seen them play a game all year and have only seen the boys team play once(in the county finals), b/c they were the ones everybody expected to go to state. But as a member of that same team, 10 long years ago, I feel so much excitement for those girls! Crossville teams don't make it to the state finals much in any sport, so this is a really big deal!

And I'm pretty sure nobody around there reads this, except for my mom, but I just really want to wish them GOOD LUCK tonight!!

(And yes I know it's been over a month since I've posted a Sara pic, I am definitely going to try to get some shots of her being cute tonight!)

Friday, February 22, 2008

#1 Song

I saw this on another blog, and thought it would be a fun Friday post.

What was the number one song on the day you were born? Married? the day your child was born?

Go here to find out!

Here's our #1 songs:

For me it was "Pop Muzik" by M
Jeremy's was "Babe" by Styx
Sara's was "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake
And on the day we were married it was "Stand Up" by Ludacris featuring Shawnna"

Those are some random songs, or at least I think so. And maybe because I don't think I have even heard most of them. The only one I am remotely familiar with is Justin Timberlake, and if you know me, it's kind of fitting that he was number one on the day Sara was born ;)

Go check it out and let me hear what your number ones were!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Pensacola Weekend

We had a wonderful time in Pensacola this weekend, and the weather was beautiful. We got down there around 9:30 Friday night and Laura had us some yummy pizzas ready to eat. Saturday we went to the beach, just to put our toes in the sand, b/c really, how can you go to Pensacola and not visit the beach? The water was beautiful, but it was a little chilly, and very windy! We had some seafood for lunch, and spent some time at a place called the Boardwalk, where we just sat out on some benches in the sun and talked for a while. It was so nice just sitting there looking at the ocean. Saturday night we stayed in and had a pajama party and ate lasagna, yum, it was so good! It was a really relaxing trip and a great time with some great friends!

We got up Sunday and started getting ready to leave and checked the weather b/c we knew it was supposed to get stormy that day. It looked like we were going run into some rain and the worst of it would be ahead of us, so we would miss it. So we headed out. We got about 20+ miles from Pensacola and notice some flashing lights ahead of us, as we got closer, we saw houses on both sides of the road with roofs missing, holes in the walls, etc. and there was no doubt that a tornado had hit. We called Laura and she said one had hit that area at 12:04 pm, it was 12:12 pm. We missed it by 8 minutes. Needless to say we were all a little freaked out! We continued with our drive, and the weather ahead wasn't bad, it rained a little but it was nothing severe. We made a stop in Millbrook, right outside of Montgomery to see Jessica's mom, who lives there, and to have a bathroom break and snacks. We looked at the weather and thought it was ok to go on. As we were going up the ramp to get back on the interstate, I turn around and glace up, and I see debris swirling in the air behind us, it was above the overpass by the ramp we were going up. We all just stared at it and thought it would be good to turn on the radio. We got about a 5 miles down the road when reports of a tornado hitting started coming in. And sure enough it was confirmed by the weather service. So more than likely the swirling we saw, was the beginning of the tornado. And as we later heard that tornado did some pretty bad damage in the Millbrook/Prattville area. All I can say is God was definitely looking out for us that day.

Even though the ride home was more exciting than we would have liked, it was a great weekend, and definitely makes me want to visit Pensacola again when it's warmer!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Long Time No Blog

2 Weeks! I guess I've been on a two week break from blogging! Not that there has been anything to blog about. And I really don't have that much to catch up on. We've just been in our everyday usual routine, getting up, going to work/daycare, coming home, and just hanging around the house. But this weekend we(I) finally have some plans!!

I am leaving out tomorrow with a group of friends for Pensacola! We're going to visit our long lost neighbor and friend, Laura, who moved to Pensacola last spring. We all miss her lots and can't wait to see her and her beautiful girls (and Scott too), and eat her fabulous cooking! Before Laura moved, she was our resident chef, always making us fabulous things to eat.

This is also the first time I have left Jeremy with Sara over night, so we shall see how that goes. I'm already planning on laying her out outfits for the days I'm gone, but as far as fixing her hair, he's on his own :) But he will have his fair share of help from the grandmothers though, so I think he might pass hair fixing duties to them.

Hopefully I will have some fun pics to share when I get back...and Happy Valentine's Day! I might have some cute pictures to post tomorrow of Sara celebrating VDay!

Friday, February 01, 2008

It's Back!

Finally after 8 months, LOST is back! Last night's episode picked up right where the finale left off. In typical LOST fashion, they raised more questions than they answered, but really do we expect anything less.

Now the big questions:

Who is the Oceanic Six? Jack, Kate, Hurley,?,?,?.

What is the real reason Naomi and her crew wanted to find the island?

What did Jack want to make sure Hurley didn't tell?

Also did anyone notice who was hanging out in Jacob's cabin? Yep, very interesting.

I have zero theories. Hopefully we'll find out what's going on in the next 7 episodes, since it looks like that might be all we're getting this season thanks to the writer's strike!

But let me just say, I am so glad it's back!