Monday, March 24, 2008

Sara's First Egg Hunt

***Sorry the pictures aren't loading, I had to delete and repost this one (twice) b/c there was a comment posted that had links in it that cause some crazy pop-ups to come up, and I wasn't sure how to delete the comment at the time, and I didn't want anyone else to click the links, and that was the quickest way I knew to fix it. Now I have it set for the comments to be moderated for the time being, so I can prevent the weird ones. I will re-upload the pictures tonight, and post some new ones of Easter!***

Sara had an Easter Egg Hunt at her daycare on Tuesday, and actually, it was her first egg hunt ever, since last Easter she was only six months old. She had a blast and was laughing the whole time! I was really impressed with her egg hunting skills, even though the eggs weren't hidden, she did a great job of going and getting them and bringing them to her basket(it was a little too big for her to carry around, so she just left if in one spot and would run back and forth).

It was a really fun day for her, and as you can see by the pictures, she really racked up!


Sunny said...

I can't see the pictures when the page loads. I'll keep checking back.

Sunny said...

Those are precious! It looks like she really enjoyed hunting for easter eggs.