Monday, April 28, 2008

My Little Birdie

Sara goes to The Little Gym in South Huntsville on Saturday mornings, and she absolutely LOVES it! She is in the Birds class, which has kids ranging from 10-18 months, so this past Saturday was her last day as a little birdie, and she will be moving into the Beasts class this Saturday, (sigh)I can't believe she's getting so big! Anyways, I've been trying to remember to bring my camera forever, so I could take some pictures of her there, so it's taken me five months, but here they are, finally!

Class begins with us all sitting on the big red mat, ringing the bells, and singing the welcome song. Then we all stand up and start the warm-up, where we walk, run, jump, etc. around the mat. Sara gets really into the warm-up now, she knows exactly what she supposed to be doing. Watching your kids learn and pick up on things is one of the most amazing things about being a parent, and at this age, it's everyday! Ok, so after the warm-up, there's a group activity and this week it was the Air Trac, it's a big inflatable mat, and Sara's not a huge fan of it, but she'll sit on it if I sit with her, and maybe jump a little.(I have no pictures of any of this b/c I forgot my camera was in the car, oops!)

After the group activity, we have gym time, where all the kids get to explore the gym, and do whatever they want.

Sara crawling through a tunnel on the mat, she really likes to crawl through things.

Walking on the beam. She picked this up pretty quick and this is usually one of the first things we do during gym time.

During each class they have a skill of the week, this week it was doing the wheelbarrow on the beam, so here she is with Ms. Angel demonstrating the skill for the class.

Here she is on the uneven bars. Sara has never liked the bars until recently, and we still can't get her to hang on them, but she will walk across with her hands and feet.

It takes a lot of concentration! :)

After gym time, it's time to play with the balls. All the kids love the balls!!

And now it's time to put the balls away, Sara is a big helper when it comes to this, she will even try to take the balls away from other kids just so she can put them in the bin.

After balls, it's time for bubbles, another favorite among all the kids. This week, we had to lay on our backs and Ms. Angel would blow the bubbles on our feet. Sara had a good time kicking them!

And finally we all sit in our circle on the big red mat and sing our goodbye song.

We pat the mat during this song, and up until a few weeks ago, Sara would just sit with us or wander around the gym, but now she loves to sit and pat the mat as we sing, she has pretty good rhythm too!

We are definitely going to miss Ms. Angel and all the other birdies, but we're looking forward to seeing some of our old friends who have already moved up! And seeing all the new things she's going to learn, I'm sure being around the bigger kids will definitely have an influence on her.


Alison said...

too cute! love the pig tails and the skort! she's the most stylish birdie graduate i've ever seen! ; )

Tiffany said...

This looks so fun! I kinda wish we would have done it with Audrey now. Maybe we will revisit the idea. Sara looks adorable and I LOVE her pigtails!

Brooke said...

THat looks like so much fun!! I think that I am gonna enroll Caley at the Matrix for a couple of months to see if she likes it. Sara looks sooo cute!!

Sunny said...

That looks and sounds like a lot of fun! Sara is just adorable in those piggy tails. It really looks like she enjoys her class.