Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blogs of People I Don't Know

Yes, I blog stalk. But seriously, who doesn't? You start out at one blog, presumably of a person you know, and then you just start clicking away, hopping from blog to blog to blog, and before you know it you totally forget how you got to that blog in the first place. Anyway, I say all of that b/c that's exactly how I came across these blogs that I want to share. Now these may not be your cup of tea, or you may have came across them yourself, but they all are fantastic stories, happy, sad, & inspirational.

The first one I want to share is Kelly's Korner . I heart this blog. I've been following her story for a while now, she is total sweetheart and has incredible faith in God, and is such a genuine person. And she just posted some incredibly exciting news, so go check it out if you want to know what!

Next is Confessions of a CF Husband. This is an incredible story, and it's far from over, but to see how far they've come is just amazing. If you've never read this blog before, be sure to look on the right column and start there, it will get you up to speed.

And this is one that I've just recently came across, matt, liz, and madeline. I need to issue a couple of warnings with this one. First, you will need a Kleenex in hand. Second, there is some to a lot of bad language used, so if you get offended, then you probably don't want to click this one. And again, on the top right, there are some links to get you caught up.

Happy Clicking!

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Pictures

We finally got around to getting some really good professional pictures of Sara made a few weeks ago. The photographer, Alyson, did an amazing job!!! I think she really captured Sara's emerging personality! Jeremy and I got in on some of the pictures too, and we had a great time! Alyson was fun to work with and she was great with Sara, so I must put out a plug for her : Eternal Reflections Photography by Alyson

She created an awesome slideshow for us, so here's the link if you want to check it out: http://www.erpbyalyson.com/CarterFamily/

And I have a little update on Sara, towards the end of last week and over the weekend we finally discovered the root of her problem, and it's not so much separation anxiety, but it's that she's teething! And I mean seriously teething! Up until now, she has never really had a problem with it, and we wouldn't even know new teeth were coming in until we saw them, but not with is set! It was so bad this weekend, I had to change her outfit multiple times b/c of all the drool and snot, and we had the hardest time getting her to nap. But I do think the worst is over, and she was her normal little self when I dropped her off this morning. I'm so ready to have my little girl back!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sara and her Daddy

In honor of Father's Day being this past Sunday, here are some recent pictures of Sara and Jeremy. And you will definitely be able to tell by the picures that he is definitely the fun parent!

First attempt at a Father's Day picture...

...and this is the best one we wound up with! Still pretty cute!

I ran out to Walmart for a minute and came home to this! I guess there's no better way to spend Father's Day :)

Hope you had a great day, Jer! You're a wonderful daddy, and Sara and I love you bunches!!! And I hope you enjoy your Father's Day gift(when it ever gets here :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One of those days....

Yep, it's one of those. Work is driving me crazy, on top of all the other things I have on my mind, and I'm just sitting here thinking of all the things I would rather be doing, or need to be doing other than what I'm doing here. And Sara seems to be having a hard time lately too, which has also been weighing on me. The past two mornings when I've dropped her off at daycare, she has cried, screamed and clung to me tighter than she ever has, totally breaking my heart. This is so out of character for her, I can count on one hand how many times she has ever cried when I've left her there. She LOVES her teachers, and I just can't figure out what has changed to make her not want to stay there. This morning when I got her out of the car, she wouldn't even walk to the building, so I had to carrying her, crying, inside. The only thing I can think of is separation anxiety, but I just would have thought she would have had some of that by now.

I am really hoping this is just a phase and that it will end very quickly! B/c it's been taking tons of strength for me to just hand her over, crying, and walk out of there and not take her with me. And I do know she's totally fine after I leave, and has a good rest of the day, but the last look I see on her when I leave is tears, and that just sticks with me the rest of the day.

On a lighter note, I have Father's Day pictures to post, but haven't downloaded them off my camera yet, along with others, so they'll definitely be pictures next time!!