Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blogs of People I Don't Know

Yes, I blog stalk. But seriously, who doesn't? You start out at one blog, presumably of a person you know, and then you just start clicking away, hopping from blog to blog to blog, and before you know it you totally forget how you got to that blog in the first place. Anyway, I say all of that b/c that's exactly how I came across these blogs that I want to share. Now these may not be your cup of tea, or you may have came across them yourself, but they all are fantastic stories, happy, sad, & inspirational.

The first one I want to share is Kelly's Korner . I heart this blog. I've been following her story for a while now, she is total sweetheart and has incredible faith in God, and is such a genuine person. And she just posted some incredibly exciting news, so go check it out if you want to know what!

Next is Confessions of a CF Husband. This is an incredible story, and it's far from over, but to see how far they've come is just amazing. If you've never read this blog before, be sure to look on the right column and start there, it will get you up to speed.

And this is one that I've just recently came across, matt, liz, and madeline. I need to issue a couple of warnings with this one. First, you will need a Kleenex in hand. Second, there is some to a lot of bad language used, so if you get offended, then you probably don't want to click this one. And again, on the top right, there are some links to get you caught up.

Happy Clicking!


Sunny said...

I love to blog surf. If I'm not careful, I can waste a lot of time surfing. I find myself wanting to tell Jason about all of these people that I "happen upon", but he could really care less since I don't even know them. :)

MilePost13 said...

Thank you!