Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sara is TWO!

Sara celebrated her 2nd birthday this past Saturday!! I just can't believe she's two, and how much she's grown up in the past year. We had her party on Saturday too, I don't think she knew what to think of having everyone here! And she definitely got spoiled by all the gifts, but LOVED every one of them!

Yummy cake!

Sara got a kick out of everyone singing Happy Birthday to her, she thought it was so funny. And Daddy helped her blow out her candles!

Sharing some cake with Uncle Jimmy.

She loves cake, can you tell?

Having fun opening presents!

Sara's first Cabbage Patch doll, and can you believe her name is Macie?!? Hahaha!!

Trying on her new shades.

Her new best friend(who she takes everywhere), Dora!!

Modeling her new Alabama sweatsuit!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!! I Love You!


Sunny said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Sara! It looks like she had a great party! The cake is too cute! I love that last picture of Sara! She has the most gorgeous eyes!

Alisha said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Her cake was so cute! Did you make it? I am glad that she loved her party.


Happy Birthday to Sara! I can't believe she's two already...just like mine. It goes by too fast. I love the cake, too. Did you make it? If you did, can you make mine next year? :)

kyllie said...

I did not make the cake, but I wish I did, I am so not talented in that area! We got it from in the Albertville Bakery. That's were all of my birthday cakes came from growing up, and they are by far my all-time favorite!

Nana said...

Loved the pics... Nana